There are hundreds of gemstones to chose from! Below are a few tidbits about the most popular!


One of the hardest stones known to man, is also the most popular! This stones comes in an array of colors with varying forms of rarity. Did you know only 30% of mined diamonds are worthy enough to go into the jewelry industry?

To learn about the ins and outs of natural and lab-grown diamonds, head on over to:

This website even includes a Buyer’s Guide for those interested in purchasing diamond jewelry!


Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow except red (that’s a ruby!), and can be used in place of a diamond! Did you know sapphires can come natural and lab-grown?

Many have chosen this stone as their engagement ring, no need to ask why when you see it’s beauty and color up close!

Head on over to the GIA website to learn more!


Opal, one of the more colorful gems, is actually one of the more delicate. Itself, along with Tanzanite, Lapis, Pearls, and Amber are among some of the most delicate gemstones that deserve special treatment.

Some opals are hydrophane, meaning they LOVE to suck up liquids. This means an action as simple as washing your hands or applying lotion with your rings on can vastly change the appearance of your hydrophane opal, from that beautiful iridescent rainbow to a muddy yellow-orange!

Many times, if water should end up soaking into your opal it can sometimes be ‘saved’ by letting it dry out in the air for 24 hours. If you are unsure, or your opal does not return to normal please visit your trusted jeweler for a proper examination and further information. Please visit GIA’s website for more information on opals!

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