Watch Services

Thank you for choosing us as your watch shop!

At this time we service many types of watches for batteries, watch bands and cleaning/santizing.

Unfortunately our original watchmaker has retired and we no longer replace movements, crystals or other interior parts.

Should you need these services, depending on the brand of watch, we may have someone in our industry we can recommend for such services.

Our watch battery prices start at $20 and include the cost the the battery, labor to open and install the battery in your watch, as well as a thorough check of your gaskets, stems, crystal and pin bars.

Replacement Gaskets start at $15 for round watches. Odd shaped watches, such as square or rectangular start at $25 if we can supply the gasket needed.

New Watch Bands start at $25 and come in Stainless Steel, Leather or Diver’s band style. We also supply Smart Watch watchbands in many different styles.

Some Watches we can do:



Tag heuer


Pocket Watches


and many more!

Watches we cannot do:

These watches will need to go back to the factory for any servicing.

G-Shock watches of any kind

Wooden Watches

Swatch Watches

Michael Kohrs

Others subject to watchmaker’s discretion

Special Cleaning Services

Sometimes your watch needs a spa day! Along with batteries and bands we also offer our cleaning services as well.

This includes cleaning the exterior and interior or your watch. The case, and band are cleaned ultrasonically, along with a nice polish to bring the sparkle back to your watch. You will receive new pin-bars and clasp tightening with this service as well (a $50 value!)

Watch cleaning services start at $65

( Note: Plated, wooden, enamel and plastic watches are not eligible for this service. )

Once time has passed, you can’t take it back. So make sure you spend every second of it doing what you love.


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